Wealth Registries:  Opposing Rule of Wealth Is Not Communism

I believe in an even playing field.  I don’t believe in egalitarianism.

Undue advantages compound.  Inequality leads to imbalances of wealth, power, and taxation.  Wealth usually breeds wealth, and power often breeds power, in a positive feedback loop.

If inequality compounds over time, it is prudent to ask how far we let it run.  We should know how far it has compounded already, and then consider constraints, like fairer taxation.  Communist equality is not the only alternative to unlimited wealth and power.

Wealth is not a scientific fact, it is a social convention, which has a cost, and which cannot exist without a supportive society to defend it and to defend itself with lives.

If wealth is used primarily to advance it’s interests at the expense of everyone else, then everyone else does not owe it defend their wealth.   But if wealth is used to advance society in balance with its own immediate interests, I’ll be the first to defend it.  I think we’re far from that.

The BIG money is hidden, behind layers of lawyers, trusts, offshore companies, and private corporations.  People we will never see are ruling our countries in secret.  I ask only to know the wealth that rules over me, and permit me to judge whether that rule is in my interest.

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